Research Plants

Research Plants

The ENH Engineering laboratory unit for bitumen emulsions is a small and handy unit which is designed to meet with the demands for testing and developing of today’s emulsion formulations.

The plant which is a small-scale copy of the industrial plants of ENH Engineering is operated easily from the control panel. All flows are controlled instantly from this panel by means of flow meters on all lines which results in a fine and homogeneous emulsion even when the emulsion is produced at a low volume. The plant is constructed in stainless steel and covered with removable stainless steel plates, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Because of the similarity with the industrial plants, the emulsion produced on the laboratory unit can be compared directly with emulsion produced on the industrial plants.

The laboratory unit is a must for all for producers of emulsion who want to be able to develop formulations based on local available bitumen and minerals. And for those who want to constantly be able to improve and renew their emulsion formulations.

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