Bitumen Emulsion Plants

Bitumen Emulsion Plants

The in-line system of this plant offers the possibility of producing all types of bitumen emulsions such as tack coats, surface dressings and polymer modified slurry emulsions. A great advantage of the in-line system is that there is no need to premix chemicals or water solutions, as all ingredients are added continuously during production. Moreover, separate injection and control of ingredients in the milling system ensure high flexibility in the production phase.

Our in-line emulsion plants have a capacity range of 2-50 tons per hour and can be built as stationary or mobile units, in standard 20- or 40-feet containers or skid-mounted.

We can of course also make the emulsion plant as a batch type but compared to the batch system the major advantages of an in-line system are:

  1. A quick preparation phase – there is no need to mix water and bitumen phase, which in some cases can be very time demanding.

  2. Higher capacity per hour – up to 50 tons/hour

  3. Less labor and handling costs.

  4. More flexibility in choice of recipes

  5. Possibility of adjusting the emulsion during production

  6. Quick change of recipe – can be done without stopping the plant.

  7. High degree of mobility and lower cost of construction compared to capacity/hour

Click here to see the technical description of our Inline Emulsion Plants (opens in PDF-format)